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      Asoph is a new trendy spot for plus size and straight size gals! I love when a company can cater to both. I was a bit skeptical to do a review at first simply because I hadn't heard of them before. Skepticism quickly turned into anxiousness. I was excited that there was a new place where we could go for trendy pieces. Asoph also carries men's clothing and accessories for all. Communications with the marketing team was amazing. Customer service speaks volumes about a company. 


      I could go in depth about each outfit from my styling book but I think you guys should take a look for yourself, it's worth it! I have so many favorites, I don't even know where to start. I think the camo jumpsuit stole my heart. I have NEVER come a cross a camo/cargo jumpsuit that fit like a glove. It was genius to add a little stretch so that it would contour to the body. The gingham set is my perfect "naughty & nice" set. It can be semi-professional, or super sexy ... MAYBE even BOTH. These pieces amongst others are dying to be worn outside of filming and IG pics and I can not wait to style them in my daily life. 

     I had a few mishaps, but that's a given when trying a clothing company. Not every item will fit the same as others. We have to take material into account when choosing sizes and pieces. Asoph does offer a size chart as well as materials for each item. They also mention the model's height and measurements for a better size reference.


*Shipping was extremely quick. I received my items within 2-3 days. I also have a coupon code so you can save some coins: D-WHITE25. You'll thank me later!

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     Hair from vendors on Ali Express can be questionable. This is why I love bringing reviews and content to you guys featuring affordable GOOD hair! Ali Sugar hair offers a variety of textures and length combination. The Malaysian loose wave is exceptional. It doesn’t fall short of any standard. The price point is a bit higher than some other vendors but the quality of the hair is worth the price. My 16”, 18”, and 20” bundles plus a 16” frontal totaled around $300. For the hair to be “Unprocessed REMY Virgin”, I would expect the price to be a little lower.


    The bundles are full, so three bundles were more than enough especially while using a frontal. The hairline of the frontal is not pre-plucked (I wish it was). I like the fact that the wefts of the bundles are sturdy and easy to work with. Shedding in the bundles and front was minimal. Tangling didn’t occur when unraveling the bundles which made construction a breeze. I always enjoy hair that doesn’t have a scent.


     Natural waves, loose wave, deep waves... (LITERALLY ALL WAVES) can sometimes fall short of it’s pattern and density. This loose wave didn’t have the typical spiral effect that I’ve seen in other bundles. I’m glad that it didn’t because those tend to tangle more. This hair gave me the same effect without the tangle. I reminds me of a mix between a natural wave and loose wave.


*Shipping was extremely quick. I received my hair within 2 days.

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     Why does burgundy hair always seem to fail me! Don't get me wrong the outcome is beautiful, but this wasn't the original look that I was going for. I love this color against my skin. The ombre is nicely done, there isn't a stark contrast which tends to happen with some units. The blending is very beautiful.


    The density of the unit is lackluster. It's 180% density, but I just wish there was a little more volume. The luster is perfect, not too shiny or too dull. As I mentioned above, burgundy hair has only worked once for me. This time, I had an issue with curling the unit. It didn't hold much of the curl except for at the end. I think with a wand curler, I would've had better results.


     I experience slight tangling with this unit, but nothing that was unmanageable. On a good note, the baby hairs and hair line was exceptional! The unit is full lace, so parting was easy and the unit was able to have realistic parting throughout the entire head.


*Shipping took about a 2-3 days once the unit was ready.


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